Royston (Iceni) Weather Station

30 Year (1981/2010) Daily Temperature and Rainfall Means

By the end of 2002 a total of 30 complete years of meteorological observations had been accumulated at Royston (Iceni) Weather Station. This enabled the calculation of 30 Year means of maximum temperature, minimum temperature and rainfall for every day of the year. The original tables for 1973/2002 have now been updated to the latest 30 Year period, 1976/2005, and further updated in 2011 to the 30 Year period 1981/2010. This will now remain the standard 30 Year period for meteorological means until the next update in 2021 for the period 1991/2020.

So if you wish to ascertain what temperatures may be expected on particular days, or for certain periods of the year, or whether it is likely to be wet or dry, then the following monthly tables will provide a useful guide (always bearing in mind, of course, that the weather on any particular date does not always conform to long term means!)

Whilst a single heavy rainfall on a given date can unduly influence the mean for that day of the year, even over a 30 year period, those days of the year that have been consistently dry over the 30 years will accordingly have a low mean value and possibly a higher reliability for prediction purposes. With this limitation it is still possible to use the daily rainfall means to identify the wetter and drier periods in each month of the year.

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April - June

July - September

October - December

A fine but somewhat cool summer afternoon on Therfield Heath, Royston. The above view is looking north down a dry valley and out on to the south Cambridgeshire Plain at 1519 GMT on 21st August 1999. The temperature is 18C with a north-easterly wind gusting to 14 knots. This location is some 3 km west of Royston (Iceni) Weather station.

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